Jenny Tennen
Jenny Tennen holds over a decade of international experience in public health a…
Los Angeles, California, United States


Jenny Tennen holds over a decade of international experience in public health and philanthropy. She has designed, managed, and monitored several U.S. government projects, as well as XPRIZE competitions, aimed at improving the lives of people infected or affected with diseases. She has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the World Bank, UNICEF, and USAID to achieve sustainable outcomes in many of her previous projects.

Jenny’s passion for helping vulnerable populations has brought her to serve in remote areas around the world. Some of her storied experiences include being a Public Health Specialist for a maternal and child health program in the African jungle of Equatorial Guinea, an HIV/AIDS Prevention Technical Officer for the Caribbean ministries in St. Kitts, and a Peace Corps Volunteer in the island nation of the Republic of Kiribati. Jenny also served as Principal Investigator for an Engineers Without Borders project aimed at improving water, sanitation, and hygiene measures in remote villages of Honduras. Jenny received her Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration from Boston University and a Masters degree in Public Health from The George Washington University.


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