Alternative Sustainable Pretreatment for Metals

Identify a chemical solution or process for pretreatment of metal surfaces for steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum prior to coating.
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Challenge Overview

The goal of this challenge is to identify alternative methods of pretreatment to protect metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) against corrosion and provide an excellent primer for painting. The seeker is interested in new chemical solutions as well as new processes/methods that can be applied in an industrial environment. 

Current pretreatment technologies used after cleaning stages (e.g., iron- or zinc phosphate or comparable inorganic thin film solutions (zirconium or silane based)) use inorganic solutions containing heavy metals (e. g. nickel) and hydrogen fluoride (HF). These materials are becoming less desirable due to their environmental impacts.

About the Seeker

The seeker is a globally active company that provides solutions in all forms of surface treatment such as for example industrial cleaning and pretreatment of metal workpieces prior to painting.


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