Hello all! 

Quick reminder to submit your app ideas by this Friday 31 March. Only 4 days left! 

1. Register and Submit App Concepts by 31 March 2017. Please review the competition guidelines prior to submitting your concepts.

2. Submission Format - Submit your app concepts in English, and only enter up to three concepts for each registrant. Your submission can include a description, pictures, videos or other files. The app concepts will be voted on by the public, and submitted to the judges for review. 

3. Tell Your Friends - Please share the Big Ocean Button Challenge page with your social networks and help us recruit more competitors to make this challenge a success! #bigoceanbutton

After you review the guidelines, if you have any questions, you can message us through the challenge page, or email bigoceanbutton@xprize.org


Matt Mulrennan

Director, Ocean Initiative, XPRIZE