Hello all! 

Thank you for your interest in the Big Ocean Button Challenge. We are excited to see you compete, and turn ocean data into the products and services we need to make the ocean healthy, valued and understood.

Three quick reminders:

1. Register and Submit App Concepts by 31 March 2017. Please review the competition guidelines prior to submitting your concepts.

2. Submission Format - Submit your app concepts in English, and only enter up to three concepts for each registrant. Your submission can include a description, pictures, videos or other files. The app concepts will be voted on by the public, and submitted to the judges for review. 

3. Tell Your Friends - Please share the Big Ocean Button Challenge page with your social networks and help us recruit more competitors to make this challenge a success! #bigoceanbutton

After you review the guidelines, if you have any questions, you can message us through the challenge page, or email bigoceanbutton@xprize.org


Matt Mulrennan

Director, Ocean Initiative, XPRIZE