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Marine Mini Station
short description
An integrated system to receive data readings from the ocean buoys, and then display the data on phones in an easy way.
Mobile ocean app solution and impact
The application is an integrated system to receive data readings from the ocean buoys, live or stored data, and then display the data on phones in an easy way with the possibility of processing and getting benefit out of them. One of the data we can get are several information that would help us predicting the red tide in the ocean. The application processes the data from the buoys just as a land station would do, that is why this application is called a "Mini Station", where you can display data easily and from anywhere you want, as long as the buoy is recognized by the application.

Sections of the application:
1-Real time section
(A map with all stations that are available.)
2-Favorite station
(When you choose your station, you can favorite it then find it in this section.)
(The information that are displayed for researchers will be more detailed and will provide a way to analyze the information, by making scientific charts and viewing history of the data and exporting or sharing the data to different applications and platforms like EXCEL.)
4-Boost your knowledge
(An educational part with drawings, videos of information about the ocean life, created by our team.)

The categories of our entry:

- Public Safety
Red tide (Algal Bloom) in the coastal waters has been occurring several times around the world oceans, damaging the marine life and resulting economic losses to the fisheries products by kill incidents, not to mention the human health risks. Therefore, an accurate system should be created to get updated of any increase in chlorophyll concentration which is the main cause of algal bloom, along with nutrients increase such as (Nitrate, Ammonium, Phosphorous..etc).

- Ocean Acidification
Any change in the acidity, salinity, temperature or chlorophyll will be presented in the application, allowing the researcher to notice the increase of acidity, hence, the needed procedures will be applied.

- Exploration
With the data we got we can identify the biodiversity by knowing the environment parameters such as temperatures and oxygen concentration.
Additional Technical Details
herox infographic.pdf

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