Greetings A360 and A360D members,


In just 2 weeks, we will close the Abundance Impact Challenge and no longer accept submissions! 


If you want to receive the inaugural Abundance Impact Challenge Award and be recognized on stage by Peter Diamandis at the 2019 A360 Conference in January, you should submit your Impact Report soon!


Our whole goal is to collect all of the ways our amazing members have implemented A360 insights and are actively working to create a world of abundance. 


In order to be eligible for this prize, at a minimum, you must:

  1. Be an active A360 or Abundance Digital member
  2. Submit a 2-minute selfie video describing how you are taking action
  3. Submit a 1- 3 page Impact Report highlighting:
    1. The Problem – What global challenge have you been inspired to transform?
    2. Your Project – How are you aiming to make a difference? What has been done already? What steps need to be done in the future?
    3. The Impact – What will the world look like once this becomes a reality?

Visit the challenge homepage today and click ACCEPT CHALLENGE to get started. 


Good Luck!