Greetings A360 and A360D members, 


On Wednesday, we had a great webinar featuring 4 of our members: George Bandarian, Joe Perez, Andy Timm, and Jo Clark. Each panelist highlighted current projects they are working on to leverage A360 learnings and relationships to make an impact in the world. 


In case you missed it, here is a link to the webinar recording. 


We have a dual purpose in this Abundance Impact Challenge:

  1. To build a repository of all of the wonderful things our members are doing to impact the world and pursue their moonshots, and;
  2. To give our members a chance to be recognized by Peter on stage at the A360 Summit for the progress you're making towards your MTP.


Whether your impact is big or small - just in the ideation phase or fully executed, submit your initiative today by clicking Accept Challenge on the home page


If you have any questions or want to spark a conversation with your fellow members - drop a line in the community forum


We can't wait to see your projects.