AI based "Talk, Listen, Learn App" for Seniors
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An artificial intelligence based app that can talk to seniors and kids needing someone to talk to, listen and refine issues and share data.

Your Story

What are you passionate about? [public]
I am a science and tech junkie, early adopter, constantly seeking new ideas and information to apply to clients problems or my pet projects and passions. Helping young college students develop businesss concepts is a passion of mine because their ideas are so raw and unformed that I get to help them visualize, refine and organize their ideas into something real (it is usually not their first idea that is great - but their third or fourth!).

Your Prize Concept

If you are selected as a Visioneer, you will develop a prize concept in collaboration with a company sponsor, fellow innovators, and the XPRIZE team. This may or may not be the challenge concept you propose in this application.

What do you prize? [public]
The ability to accomplish something new or transformational, based on application of a new tech or just a new way of looking at things!
What Grand Challenge do you propose a prize competition should solve? [public]
There is an entire population of human beings that have few, or in some cases, no one to talk to. Your aging grandparents or relatives, home bound or handicapped, young people who feel outcast or alone, working professionals who are awkward or unable to make friends. Technology has left many senior citizens unable to keep up with society, while alienating young people who grew up only communicating via their technology. These people are lonely, sometimes develop phobias, health issues or even behaviors that may lead to illness, depression or even death. My Challange would be to create an interactive App or platform that is run with artificial intelligence and integrated speech recognition software - that can call or be called, to "Talk" with those in need of care, comfort and conversation. The application would not only have thousands of topics from which to start and maintain conversations, but would also be a good "Listener", capable of asking "Questions" and noting key words that might be indicitative of physical, mental health or other issues in need of human followup.
What would the world look like when the Grand Challenge is solved? [public]
A World where an unclaimed audience get listened to and benefited by technology - not just frustrated by it!

Consider this possible conversation:
"Hi Mrs. Carter, this is Sam - how are you today?"
"Sam! I was just thinking about you! I'm fine, but I twisted my ankle this morning."
"That must have hurt - can I call you a doctor?"
"No, it isnt swelling so I think its okay. But I wanted to ask you - when are my taxes due?"
"Thats four weeks away - do you need an appt with your CPA?"
"Yes, can you call and would you stay on the line?"
"No problem, Mrs Carter - I'm glad to help."

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