A non Hackable Security System
short description
This system which I have designed prevents any hacker from enter any locker thus preventing theft of files or hacking in the 1st place.

Your Story

What are you passionate about? [public]
I want to become an Inventor and do have a number of ideas and inventions written which will be very useful for every company who are trying to make this world a better place. My ideas will be useful in every field and will be beneficial for every person.

Your Prize Concept

If you are selected as a Visioneer, you will develop a prize concept in collaboration with a company sponsor, fellow innovators, and the XPRIZE team. This may or may not be the challenge concept you propose in this application.

What do you prize? [public]
I prize for the total development of a hack proof security system which will prevent the chances of theft, hacking of private data.
What Grand Challenge do you propose a prize competition should solve? [public]
Any grand challenge should solve the problems this world is facing today, be it hunger, wars, spread of diseases as if you do present your ideas in these field, we would be helping millions of people suffering from the factors mentioned above. This is my thinking of how a prize competition should solve.
What would the world look like when the Grand Challenge is solved? [public]
If you are regarding to this idea I am going to present, then this will prevent the chances of thefts in houses and banks.

If you are speaking about any Grand Challenge, then the very idea of making something which will help millions will change the world completely. If this does happen, then more and more people will be providing new and betters ideas and innovations which will be help us unite as one humanity. If you really want to see this change, start hiring THINKERS who dream of changing this world.

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