Legal Agreement: We have updated the legal agreement for the Water America's Crops Challenge. You will be prompted to reaccept this agreement next time you return to the challenge page.

What's changed? We have added a clause regarding federal funding, federal facilities, and consulting with federal employees. 

no Federal facilities or funds were used and innovator did not consult with Federal employees during the competition unless the facilities, funds and/or employees were made available to all individuals and entities participating in the competition on an equitable basis

Please see the legal agreement for full details.

Cost Calculation: We have simplified the requirement for calculating the cost of materials based on feedback from competitors. We are now asking for a cost estimate for materials required to build/manufacture the solution per square foot of canal. 

Why the change? The initial request was for a cost estimate per length of the canal. Since the width and depth of canals is not standard, we've simplified the request to cost per square foot only.