The challenge sponsors have selected the following winners to share in the $24,000 prize pool of the Waste to Base Materials Challenge. 


The winners are:

Best in Class Winners ($1000 each)

  • InnoPacking: Innovative Knitted Payload Packing - by Yownin Albert Leung - Team Moshirekarikuru
  • Nibbler: Tomorrow’s Objects with Today’s Trash - Lily-Rose Bacon - Lily-Rose Bacon's team
  • 3D print with polymers, metals, ceramics, and ice - Sam Wechsler - Sam Wechsler's team
  • Better Tomorrow - No Waste in Space - Ned Popovic

Foam Packing Category ($1000 each)

  • Packing material recycling - by Richard Deal
  • Recycling of packing foam, urine for hydroponics - by Jeff Morse
  • Orbeez in Orbit - Recover water, shock protection - Mitul Sarkar - Team Collab
  • Using PEEK as alternative foam packaging material - Estinamir Name
  • Creating building materials from Trash - Scott Wilcox

Carbon Dioxide Category ($1000 each)

  • Algae Oxygen Generator Mushrooms and Panels - John Wagoner - Team Mars Colony X
  • Lets get it done CO2 Processing - Jeff Dewe

Trash Category ($1000 each)

  • MAKE - BREAK - MAKE AGAIN - Plastic Recycling - Michael Ricciardi
  • Supercritical Fluid Carbon Dioxide Washing Machine - 翰琨 陳 - 翰琨 陳's team
  • Fashion Your Feast: Clothing as Growing Medium - Amelia Rolf
  • Tracer-Based-Sorting for maximum water reuse - Mitul Sarkar - Team Collab

Fecal Waste Category ($1000 each)

  • Toilet to table. Mechanizing natural recycling - Craig Payne
  • 💩🍄🌾 (Poop-Mushroom-Plant Cycle) - Hylton Coxwell
  • Biota Chamber: Fecal Waste Converter - Maggie Coblentz - Maggie Coblentz's team
  • Alkaline hydrolysis: biowaste become inert liquid - olivier weiller
  • Slingin’ Space Sludge! - Kathryn Krieger
  • Fire under Water - Bruce Onisko
  • What ! Fecal waste can be used in this way? - 畊甫 陳 - 畊甫 陳's team

We would also like to recognize the following honorable mentions. While these teams will not be receiving a prize for their ideas, we would like to commend them for their contributions:

  • Pyrolysis: From Fecal Waste to Deep Space! - Dennis Stilwell - Team Stardust
  • Fecal Waste Composter - Dylan Smith
  • Methane as a heating element, without combustion - Ryan Blevins
  • Urea cream - Skin Care - Mitul Sarkar - Team Collab
  • Recycle Air in Space - Fuat Bahadir
  • Recycling Fecal Waste During Deep Space Missions - Ken & Judy O'Neill
  • Convert fecal waste to PLA - Aleksander Łukaszewicz

The next step for those named above as winners will be to prepare your HeroX profiles for the prize payout and to complete all necessary forms from HeroX and NASA. Please monitor your HeroX and email inboxes for further communications.


Congratulations once again to our winners!