The United States Bureau of Reclamation judging panel has selected the following winners to share in the $80,000 Prize Purse of the for Veg Out Challenge - Phase 2. 

The Phase 2 winners are:

Phase 2 Winners - $25,000 each

  • Packaged herbicides for more efficient control by Jan Beetge
  • AquaInject - “AI” - remote water management by Team Aqua Inject
  • Electric Macrophytes Management Solution by Shawn Kozak

Additionally, a fourth prize has just been added to the challenge to recognize the efforts of another talented team. While this team offered helpful contributions toward solving this complex problem, they will not be participating in Phase 3 of the Veg Out Challenge.

Phase 2 Honorable Mention - $5,000

For all of our Phase 2 winners, please keep an eye out for future communications from HeroX in order to coordinate your prize payouts and for further information about next steps.

Congratulations once again to our winners!