The Versatile PhD

The Versatile PhD mission is to help graduate students and PhDs identify, prepare for and excel in professional careers.

We currently serve many of the leading North American research universities, including their PhD students, post-docs and alumni, by providing unique and instructive content, networks, job analytics and readiness tools.  

The value of a PhD in terms of transferable skills, domain knowledge, professional acumen, persistence and raw intelligence is recognized far beyond academia.  In fact, there are increasingly more PhDs making an impact across industry, government, research, multilateral organizations and start-up ventures than those on the tenure track.  Recognizing these critical contributions, we are committed to assisting and supporting PhDs as they transition from academia to their career of choice.  

Which is why we have partnered with HeroX.  If you are not yet part of our community, join the other 100,000+ members by registering today at