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Urban 3D Challenge

Urban 3D Challenge

Build an algorithm providing reliable automatic labeling of buildings based solely on orthorectified color satellite imagery/3D height data
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Challenge Objective

High-resolution satellite imagery is changing our understanding of the world around us, as well as the way we as humans interact with our planet. However, the raw images do little more than pique our interest — unless we can superimpose a layer that actually identifies real objects.

Reliable labeling of buildings based on satellite imagery is one of the first and most challenging steps in producing accurate 3D models and maps. While automated algorithms continue to improve, significant manual effort is still necessary to ensure geospatial accuracy and acceptable quality. Improved automation is required to enable more rapid response to major world events such as humanitarian and disaster response. 3D height data can help improve automated building labeling performance, and capabilities for providing this data on a global scale are now emerging. In this challenge, we ask solvers to use satellite imagery and newly available 3D height data products to improve upon the state of the art for automated building detection and labeling.

USSOCOM is seeking an algorithm that provides reliable, automatic labeling of buildings based solely on orthorectified color satellite imagery and 3D height data.


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