Calling all participants of The Unlinkable Data Challenge! We have a new opportunity you may be interested in! NIST PSCR has recently launched a second Differential Privacy Challenge - The Differential Privacy Temporal Map Challenge.

The goal of this challenge is to advance differential privacy approaches that preserve the utility of datasets containing time and geographic information while guaranteeing that the privacy of the individuals identified in the datasets is protected. This is a multi-stage contest that will award up to $276,000 in prizes to the top-performing teams. To register to compete in the DP algorithm element of the challenge, visit The Differential Privacy Temporal Map Challenge.

Additionally, HeroX is hosting another element of this challenge - the Better Meter Stick for Differential Privacy Challenge - seeking new metrics to evaluate whether DP algorithms successfully maintain the data utility.

Join us tomorrow at 11:30am ET during the 1st challenge webinar to learn more - click here to register for the webinar.