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The Open Call for Innovation

The Open Call for Innovation

We want to better use our public spaces to add value, surprise, and delight so to make your transit experience better.
$1,000 - $10,000,000

Challenge Overview

TransLink’s Open Innovation Call is an on-going program to bring innovation to TransLink. Through these annual Calls, TransLink offers funding and collaboration to incubate, develop, pilot and implement ideas which help solve urban transportation challenges and meet our regional goals. Each Call is centered around a challenge statement. The challenge statement for this 2019 Open Innovation Call is:

How can we make the customer experience at TransLink’s stops, stations and exchanges more enjoyable? 

All transit journeys begin and end at a stop, station or exchange. They are hubs of activity and an important part of our communities. There is, however, ample opportunity to improve this part of the transit passenger journey.   

Through this Open Innovation Call, TransLink is seeking ideas on how innovative technologies, solutions, processes, business models and partnerships can enhance the customer experience at transit stops, stations and exchanges including:  

  • Making accessing, moving through, and waiting at transit stops, stations and exchanges feel more comfortable and more enjoyable;
  • Improving customer well-being while at our stops, stations and exchanges; and
  • Making better use of this space to add value to the customers’ journeys and improve efficient flow and circulation.

Winning ideas receive:

  1. Co-funding and other support to help further develop your idea (for pre-commercialized ideas);
  2. Access to TransLink assets to test or demonstrate your idea (for near-commercialized ideas);
  3. Opportunity to pilot your idea on a larger scale in partnership with TransLink (for market-ready ideas).


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