Hello there TII Challenge Innovators! Please read on for an important update about how you submit to this challenge.

As of today there will be an extension to the challenge submission deadline to give each competitor more time to finalize their entries and to clarify the submission format required for this challenge. Please note that the Challenge Sponsors have provided an update to the challenge guidelines and two sample JSON output files to help assist you with understanding what the format of your output results should look like. 

To give you enough time to adapt your entries, the submission deadline will be extended by about 1 month until May 1st, 2023. All subsequent challenge dates will also be moved out on the timeline.

With this extension to your submission timeframe, we encourage you to take a close look at these new resources, to ask plenty of questions in the challenge forum, and to tweak your final submissions to match these new guidelines as much as possible (Even if you have already submitted, you can still edit your submission at any point up until this new deadline).

We hope this extension gives you more time to perfect your innovative concepts! Please see the challenge resources section for the files mentioned below.