Project WESP intends to develop a fully modular rocket research and test platform for different subsystems. The platform aims to be compatible with the WARR Rocketry Projects in order to enable co-development and plug-and-play testing of flight components. Project WESP intends to launch frequently. For this reason the project shall be composed of uncomplicated SRAD components, solid motors and other COTS components to be a low-cost, low complexity platform enabling the evaluation of key systems and technologies on a cheaper budget compared to other Rocketry Projects.

Once a baseline system has been developed, Project WESP should aim to include capability for key technology development relevant for Kármán Line rockets to be developed by WARR Rocketry. These technologies can include staging, active control, and in-flight ignition. The project should aim to contribute to the wider field of rocketry through publishing of journal and/or conference papers, and presentation of scientific findings.