Many teams were unable to recover their rockets during the 2023 Cup.  ESRA and Spaceport America have listened to your requests for assistance.  ESRA and Spaceport America staff are organizing a rocket search event in the near future.  

If your team was unable to find your rocket, the search team will need as much information about the predicted location as possible to localize a possible landing location. Maps and GPS coordinates would be very helpful and greatly increase the chances of success.  Photos of the rocket would also be very helpful

A special forum on the HeroX system has been set up for teams to submit their search information, and a description of the rocket, parachute colors, etc.  This information will be forwarded to the search teams.  Updates on search status will be posted in the HeroX forums.  

Any found rockets will be shipped back to the team.  Teams will be responsible for all shipping expenses.