Want to share info on your team and promote ESRA and the Spaceport America Cup? Well now is your chance! 

As ESRA is strictly a volunteer force, it is difficult for us to create and post media on a regular basis. What we are looking to do is ask the teams for help. ESRA has a media service called Cloud Campaign and we can load it up with media post and set up schedules for when to post media. If you want to feature your team and promote the event, simply email us at the email below and send a picture(s) or a short video and once approved we will add it to the social media and start posting on a regular basis. 

What we need:

  • Email Subject: Team [###]: [Brief Description]
  • Media: Picture(s) or a video. Please attach in email, or send an easily sharable link. We have google drive accounts, but outside of that, we should not be requireed to set up an account.
  • Description & Twitter Description: Send us your text to go with the post and be sure to include appropriate hashtags. Twitter is the limit on text size at 280 characters. Anything more will not be posted to Twitter, but we will still post to our other platforms. If you are exceeding 280 characters, please include two versions of your text, a "Description" and "Twitter Description".
  • Social Tags: We need your tags for social media so we can tag you and send you more potential subscribers. These should be split up into the following accounts like the example below. Multiple tags per social are allowed. 
    • Facebook: @ESRA.Rocket, @spaceportamericacup
    • Instagram: @ESRA.Rocket, @spaceportamericacup
    • LinkedIn: @esra-rocket
    • Twitter: @SoundingRocket, @Spaceport_Cup
  • Send email to: TeamMediaPosts@esrarocket.org

Themes to consider:

  • Updates specific to your team, test flights, fun build time-lapses
  • Fun tutorials on how you build, simulate, etc. (Keep it ITAR safe) 
  • Shorts on what you love about the event
  • Tips for new teams coming for the first time
  • Throwbacks and highlights to past SA Cup and IREC events
  • Team bios, or just a tour around your lab

Fine Print: Keep in mind all content is subject to review and not all may be posted. We may make minor changes to text as needed. In some cases, we may reach back with request for adjustments to your content. We may even request future collaborations with teams depending on the quality of the content. There is no promised timeline for posting. We will upload a backlog of posts, and depending on how much backlog we have, we will adjust the frequency of the scheduled posts. Initially we will do weekly, but eventually we would love to make daily posts. This does not give you bonus points for the competition. While you can reuse this content in any video challenges at the event, this is seperate from the video challenge. By submitting this footage you are giving us permission to post on the social media platforms above, and any possible future platforms. ESRA can also use footage in Youtube Videos, and Event Livestreams. ESRA acknologes that you own full rights to the media and we are not permmitted to sell or give rights to other persons or organizations.