ESRA has received multiple reports that Cesaroni Technologies (CTI) continues to experience serious component shortages and are unable to fulfill most orders for their high performance rocket motors (many 98mm reloads including the O3400 and N5800 motors).  

The delays mean that unless a team already has physical possession of their CTI motor(s), they are at serious risk of delayed delivery times (out to late summer).   Please understand that this issue affects the entire amateur high power rocketry community, and not just the Spaceport America Cup.

  • If your team has not placed an order for your rocket motor, your team is at extreme risk of not receiving one from any vendor.   
  • If your team has an order placed for a CTI motor, you should contact your motor vendor ASAP to seek clarity and confirmation on delivery dates. 
  • 30k COTS teams may downgrade to 10k (without penalty) if they are unable to secure an appropriate motor.  There are many more motor options that could be available for 10k launches.

ESRA's position on this issue is that we will do our best to recommend alternatives but your team is ultimately responsible for securing your rocket motor(s).  Aerotech does not appear to have any supply issues at this time.  More info coming soon.