ESRA and Spaceport America have worked very hard managing costs since 2017.  ESRA has completed a thorough review of our finances and we have determined that we must raise the 2023 Spaceport America Cup fees for the first time ever.  These increases will help to ensure the financial viability of the competition.

The Cup brings in income two ways; through student team fees and also through corporate sponsorships. Since 2017, our sponsorships have risen to cover the growth in our expenses. To minimize our expenses, the ESRA team is 100% volunteer and most of us cover our own travel and lodging expenses.

The ESRA Board has approved the following new fee structure for 2023 and moving forward:

Entry Fee: $300
Rocket Fee: $700
Rocketeer Fee: $75/student

Late Rocket Fee: $900
Late Rocketeer Fee: $90

Payment of the fees will be made through the website.   The links for payment will be activated as soon as possible.