This is a simple form and will only require a few minutes to complete.


Deadline to submit the form is no later than June 1st, 2022.


Davinci (Mission Control Center) will be reviewing each team for compliance with the COTS GPS requirement and coordinating frequency usage by the teams. Please use an email address that is checked frequently. The point of contact listed will be contacted via email. Make sure "" is not directed to your SPAM folder. THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED to ensure your team can fly!


Information you will need to complete the form

1. What types of tracker and altimeters are you using?
2. How many RF transmitters are you using and what are their frequencies and protocols?
3. Team number?
4. University Name?
5. Rocket name?
6. What type of inter-team radios will be used, if any?
7. Is your rocket multi stage?
8. Any team members having HAM callsigns or other FCC approvals
9. List of team members and their Tripoli Rocketry Association numbers
10. Information required to download altimeter data