<Editor's Note - ESRA does not endorse any specific candidate but we do hope that all Tripoli members participate and have their voices heard.  Voter participation is historically VERY low (even more so with the young adult membership) so only a few voters get to determine the future path of this critical organization.>


The 2020 election of Tripoli Board of Directors is now underway.  There are six candidates vying for three open seats on the board of directors. Candidate resumes are available for review on the online voting system, as well as on our website at www.Tripoli.org.  


You will notice that Student Outreach seems to be a very important topic this year which is great to hear!


Please spend a few minutes to review the candidates' qualifications prior to submitting your votes.  If you are an active member of Tripoli, you should have received an email with instructions on how to place your vote.  You will need your Tripoli ID to cast your vote.  Voting will cease just prior to the Tripoli Annual Meeting on August 1st.