It's been quite the week. The Space Poop Challenge has broken every HeroX record: number of countries represented, page views per day, press pick-ups, registrations, AND submissions...and it all just keeps rolling in. Amazing! 

Thank you all so much for the earnest participation and support. We have a few updates for you:


We all love the forum, and it's lately been overflowing with fantastic conversation -- but now you can you find quick and concise answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, without having to sort through all the posts. Just head over to our newly added FAQ Section.


There's a new relevant blog post on the HeroX blog. You should check it out! 
Could Repurposed Humanure Be a Solid Bet for Martian Farms?
Bonus - it's chock-full of Hollywood cinema references. Gotta love Matt Damon!