Hello Rocketeers and Satelliteers!

During the next week, the LASC Staff will reach you out to give an overall feedback on your missions. The feedbacks will be direct to the points that need improvements to the next updates.

The following teams have not submitted their 1st Progress Update for the 2023 Latin American Space Challenge. The Section 9.1 Progress Updates of the 2023 LASC Rules & Requirements Document requires all teams to submit their mission/project updates.

Team IDMission IDCategory PickTeam NameMission Name
44-A0.5 km - Solid MotorsAREGEONHypereon 1
99-A0.5 km - Solid MotorsCarcará Rocket DesignAmon
99-B1 km - Solid MotorsCarcará Rocket DesignJoão do Vale
1010-A0.5 km - Solid MotorsCEELL - CEPInfinity
1010-BPocketQube/CanSatCEELL - CEPInfinity
3737-A1 km - Solid MotorsIITK RocketryAarambh-1
3737-BPocketQube/CanSatIITK RocketryAtmos-Sat
3838-A1 km - Hybrid/LiquidImpetusADR-1
4343-A1 km - Solid MotorsKondakova RocketryBelka's COCOrocket
4444-A3 km - Solid MotorsKosmos RocketryVLK - 5
4949-A0.5 km - Solid MotorsNUST Rocket TeamProject Maverick
4949-B1 km - Solid MotorsNUST Rocket TeamTo be named (TBN)
4949-C3 km - Solid MotorsNUST Rocket TeamTo be named (TBN)
5252-A0.5 km - Solid MotorsPaulet CooperationAMARU llI
5252-B1 km - Solid MotorsPaulet CooperationQORI NINA
5252-DCubeSatPaulet CooperationBio Cosmos
6262-A1 km - Solid MotorsRk-TESELeia
6262-B3 km - Solid MotorsRk-TESEEhe-ktl
6666-A1 km - Hybrid/LiquidSIIMESIME-1K
6969-A3 km - Solid MotorsSpace DragonsSENOGARD I
7070-A3 km - Hybrid/LiquidSpace NilkFuturus
7070-BCubeSatSpace NilkConquaerere
8282-A1 km - Solid MotorsUFABC Rocket DesignTo be named (TBN)

If your team had any issue or difficult to submit their 1st Progress Update, please contact LASC Staff on as soon as possible. Your team could be removed from the competition by not fulfilling LASC's Rules and Requirements.

Thank you,
- LASC Staff