Floating Solar racking system Made in USA
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Floating solar projects are popular. However, there is no USA made float racking system. We need USA solutions made in the USA.
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Ground-mounted take land out of use for the duration of a system’s lifespan. Rooftops and land aren’t the only places solar can be installed — Now looking to water too.

Floating solar arrays are a racking technology used more often currently in Asia, in countries that boast many man-made bodies of water suited for “floatovoltaics.”

Ciel & Terre (FRANCE) is the largest in the world float racking platform's manufacturer with HYDRELIO. However, customers have complained that the HYDRELIO system = expensive, access floats for maintenance are unstable, in the water when walking on them, too much plastic, and many other issues. During O&M workers in contact with the water while working with high voltage/current DC wires on the access floats is extremely dangerous of injury or death from electric shock. Other manufacturers in Asia mainly in China have similar products. From China are almost the exact copy of the Ciel & Terre design or have metal parts on the water.

We need = in the USA solutions that are MADE IN THE USA, less plastic, uses recycled plastic, stronger/more buoyant floats for access to maintenance: more stable & workers feet are not in the water due to floating to low on the waterline, no or very little maintenance for DC solar panel strings/arrays, no or very little metal equipment on the water, and easy & fast to install.


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