Efficient, lightweight solar power
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Lightweight and efficient (>30%) perovskite multi-junction PV modules could drop system costs and open new PV market opportunities.
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PV module costs have rapidly declined to the point that the module itself is no longer a limiting component of the total system cost. At the same time, there have been few innovations in installation hardware nor any innovations that enable large step changes in efficiency - this limits the ability for further system level cost reductions over the next years in both rooftop and ground mounted systems. The industry requires technology with higher efficiency potential, as this reduces all area-related costs (installation hardware, labor, etc) and the potential for an innovative and cheaper installation scheme.
We propose to develop highly efficient, lightweight, fully perovskite tandem modules. These offer an opportunity to overcome the challenges mentioned above while benefiting from high throughput and low cost thin film manufacturing. They have a realistic efficiency potential over 35% and have already reached 23% in the lab after just 3 years of development. Lightweight, flexible perovskite tandem solar cells have exhibited a record efficiency of 21.3% on plastic substrates, higher than that of any flexible PV technology other than cost-prohibitive III-V technology.
The proposed perovskite multi-junction technology also enables several emerging technologies that require high power and light weight form factors, opening new business opportunities within the USA.


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