The Solar District Cup organizers would like to recognize and thank our 2021 partners for their support and collaboration. Students competing in the Solar District Cup continue to benefit from the resources provided by these partners. Because of their generous contributions, students are able to further learn about solar energy and make industry connections. Our partners include:

  • Aurora Solar is providing participating student teams free accounts and access to its solar system design and simulation software, offering customized training, and staffing “Office Hours” sessions throughout the competition.
  • HeatSpring LLC is providing a learning platform and solar industry training content for all participating students as well as staffing “Office Hours” with solar business experts Keith Cronin and Chris Lord.
  • Solar Power Events is providing promotion for the Solar District Cup and discounted student participation at several industry conferences.

In addition to these programmatic partners, we also have several district use case partners, which change every year. The Solar District Cup Class of 2021 has three divisions to which teams have been assigned. Each division proposes solutions for a use case of a real-world mixed-use urban district or campus interested in pursuing distributed energy solutions. 

The Solar District Cup would not be able to provide access to these district and campus use cases without the collaboration of our 2021 partners providing valuable data to the student teams:

Learn more about our Class of 2021 partners here. Thank you to all our partners for helping make the Solar District Cup a success!