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Light for Future Bright
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Light for Future Bright, a simple method to decrease artificial light usage.
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Light for Future Bright, a simple method to decrease artificial light usage.
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The more we darken our room the lesser is our enjoyment. It's also a reason for many House to use lots of light throughout the day, this can be controlled and reduced by our simple tip. Even the most efficient windows allow energy to pass through. Sunlight beating down all day can really heat your interior. At night, close curtains and blinds to create another layer of insulation. During the day, let the light shine in during cold weather, but block it when it’s hot. Make the most of natural light with bright decorating choices, strategically placed mirrors, and putting workspaces near windows so that you don’t need to keep the lights on all day. Using light paint in the room lights up space artificially, more is space more is the happiness, hence decreasing the constraints of the room will help to enhance the beauty of the room along with its acoustic nature. Hence this method will allow us to light up the bright future since power saved a tree lived this will save future.
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Subramanya Navada KR
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