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Pump the Dump
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Pump the Dump, Time to redesign Dumping issues.
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Pump the Dump, Time to redesign Dumping issues.
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What if the Dumping waste could be converted to organic manure? what if the Waste dump could become an easy method? the tip is simple, adding an extra component in the Dumping vehicle which contains a grinder which makes the waste into small components, Chemical treatment of ground fresh waste with HCl (0.25 N, 50 ml kg−1) for 30 min followed by KOH (0.5 N,100 ml kg−1) for 30 min at 30 °C, and ambient pressure yielded a product that could be used in place of conventional organic manure. Only 1-2hours is required to complete the entire process. This can be done In-home only by adding a small crushing mechanism and adding given chemicals at instants, this compost can be even used as a Business which backups the investment within 4-5 installments of the run. In this way, we can make the public to earn money too and protect nature too by dumping properly.
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Phoenix Empowered
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