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Green office ecology
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Bring the flower you love to the office and take care of it
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Bring the flower you love to the office and take care of it
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Many companies are looking for solutions for the ecology of the office and a better working environment. The idea is simple - to allocate space for employees' favorite flowers. The company can also allocate a certain budget for this. And so an employee can bring a favorite flower that he likes to the office. he will see his favorite flower, look at it and take care of it. In general, the office will receive good oxygen and a good atmosphere. As you know, indoor flowers absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. The company will get greening of the office and good mood of the employees. You can stay with your colleagues. let's talk about the type of its flower and why it is such a flower. We are all different, so the flower garden of the office can turn out to be different. The oxygen level in the blood has a beneficial effect on performance. Saving cooling energy -8 amazing plants to keep your office cool in summer-
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