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Home energy auditing
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Home energy audit and technology
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Home energy audit and technology
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Conduct an energy audit at home. Look at the receipts for water, electricity, etc. Create a list of your costs. Check which technology you are currently using to save energy costs, etc.What kind of lamps do you use? Do you have smart plugs that shut off power to your device when you are not using it? Do you have a water-saving air device in your faucets? It is not difficult to conduct an energy audit at home. You can create an Excel spreadsheet. Or find an app for your smartphone. Now think about a new savings technology. Calculate how quickly a smart plug for home appliances, TV or computer will pay off. If you are in the know, you can add the comparison that saving one kilowatt of energy is equal to reducing CO2 emissions. House audit technology is a step towards preserving the environment.
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