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Solar Electricity Saver
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Solar Electricity Saver
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Solar Electricity Saver
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Uses solar energy to save electricity. It heats water, air or any other fluid that needs heating by converting sunlight into heat by using graphite which absorbs light as it's an almost perfect black-body that absorbs about 97% of the light that falls upon it and according to Plank's law it must give of 97% of the light that it absorbs because that is the percentage of it's absorption, and it does that and gives it out as infra-red radiation and then puts out that radiation into it's 100 micron thick plastic covering (that also serves as a protector of the fluid that keeps it from mixing with the graphite) that converts the infra-red radiation into heat and then puts that heat into the water, air or any other fluid that needs heating
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Miguel Alejandro G. Datiles
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    Neon Nov. 14, 2020, 1:39 p.m. PST
    Good advice!