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short description
Tagpet is very low cost iot device for pet information and tracking enabling health access. With this we can give proper names and ownership
Identify a resource or support that assists in keeping pets at home (500 characters)
1. Pet owners with many pets.
2. Media support
3. Vlog advocacy
4. Hashtag
Identify the barriers to efficiently distributing this support (500 characters)
1. Location tracking, Mapping, heat maps,
2. No tag pets
3. Profiles of people adopting animals
4. Pet communication platform and supply chain
Suggest strategies to effectively distribute support despite barriers (500 characters)
1. Collaboration
2. Creative use of media
3. Platform of pet owners
Take a selfie video telling us what achieving a “No Kill” across the country by 2025 would mean to you. [Optional] (2 mins max)