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Pawsitive Community Action
short description
A community improvement exchange program for vouchers towards animal care such as medical services, grooming, boarding, day care.
Identify a resource or support that assists in keeping pets at home (500 characters)
Often the community at large is suffering where pet care deserts are. The goal of this program is to engage people in their own community improvement while "earning" vouchers to help them care for their pets OR to donate their vouchers to another person in need. Local businesses are involved by signing up to be included in the program either to donate to the voucher fund, accept vouchers, or offer an activity that provides a voucher such as painting storefront, planting in community garden,etc
Identify the barriers to efficiently distributing this support (500 characters)
1) Financing. Where would the funds come from?
2) Providers, especially animal care. Is there enough in the area to support the need?
3) Local businesses, getting their involvement to show how it personally benefits them as well as the community as a whole
4) Making the community aware of the program where often internet is not the mainstream form of communication
Suggest strategies to effectively distribute support despite barriers (500 characters)
1) Outside donor groups, go fund me pages, national company sponsorship, community self donation
2) Providers. Maximize present business, offer training for people in community grooming, dog walking, day care thus providing jobs. Consistent bimonthly mobile units.
3) Local businesses--free advertising and recognition for support.
4) Reaching out to non traditional areas that people will likely go for daily needs grocery stores, laundromats, gas stations as well as social service networks