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Animal Assistance Marketing
short description
Local-level marketing promotions for pet resources currently available within a community.
Identify a resource or support that assists in keeping pets at home (500 characters)
Animal shelters often have customer service staff which handle owner surrender requests. Generally, these people are trained to first offer alternative resources to surrender. Unfortunately, by the time the owner has made contact, part of their mind has already decided to give up their pet. By marketing community specific promotions announcing available vet care, training, food, and other resources, troubled pet-owners will get the help they need before they think of surrender as a solution.
Identify the barriers to efficiently distributing this support (500 characters)
• People cannot ask for help if they do not know it is available
• Working at a community level means many variations of marketing materials.
• Effective marketing would lead to an increase of individuals asking for help and staff would need to be prepared.
• Long-term maintenance of a successful program would require permanently increasing the capacity of both staff and services.
Suggest strategies to effectively distribute support despite barriers (500 characters)
• Provide service to groups which have an established intake diversion program and are able to increase support staff.
• Limit participation to Network Partners already participating in BFAS marketing campaigns.
• Target groups with 85%+ Save Rate to help break through the No-Kill threshold.