Hi Everyone,

Today we are releasing the images for the Task 2 Leaderboard.  Your anonymized images for the Task 2 Leaderboard will be due November 19th at 5:00 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles).


What is Task 2?

Develop a system to replace the content in the bounding boxes, as given in task 1, with realistic dummy content such that:

  1. Personally identifying information is removed, and
  2. The anonymized data remains effective training data for machine learning tasks. This will require efforts to preserve the style, orientation, imperfections and complexities of the original data. Anonymized substitute text that is simpler and clearer to read than the original data will result in a less comprehensive and less effective training data set.


Task 2 Leaderboard

Please anonymize the following images and submit them as individual PNG files to the Task 2 Leaderboard.

Download the image set here -->

Note that the images below have boxes drawn around the part the have to be anonymized. In the resources zip you will find the raw image together with label data indicating the bounding boxes.