Attention Innovators!

The Put it to the Test Challenge is providing an extension to the Submission Deadline, by moving it from August 24th to September 14th, 2021. The rest of the timeline dates, such as the judging and winner announcement dates, have not been changed.

The Challenge Sponsors have extended the Submission Deadline to allow for more competitors to make it into the evaluation round. At the moment, the odds of this Challenge are in your favor! So be sure to jump into this challenge if you're still debating whether to start that submission!

Not only does this mean that you and your team will have more time to work on your proposal, it also means that there is more time to ask questions and share the challenge with your talented peers. So spread the word and ask away!

Know that can always ask your questions in the Challenge Forum if the guidelines are unclear or you want to connect with the Challenge Sponsor!