Greetings PPIC community!

Our judges have completed their reviews and are excited to announce the competitors who will be named Finalists and invited to participate in the live pitch sessions:

  • Odibo Uses AI to Train and Pay Black People by Oyelekan Ajiboye
  • EmissionEquity: Data Driven Change by Quintarius Bell
  • V-Home Mobile by Myana Ford
  • The MEGA: A Portable, Affordable PV-EV Carport by Antonia Ginsberg-Klemmt
  • Application Bias Eraser by Destiny Harris
  • 3D Printing for medical equity/Black entrepreneurs by Christopher Robinson
  • The comeback by Iman Jervey
  • A Blockchain-based business line of credit by Garrett Ransom
  • SOLO by Jenelle Elise King

Please join us in congratulating these 9 competitors! Our judging team looks forward to hearing more from each of them. Note: If you are one of the competitors listed here, please keep an eye on your email inbox in the next day or two for a message from HeroX about the next steps for the Pitching Round of this challenge.

For those participants who were not chosen as one of the 9 finalists, know that the judging team extends you a warm "Thank You!" for all of your work and dedication to this complicated challenge. Please continue to develop your bold ideas, get plugged into Base 11's immense network of resources to make connections and sharpen your skills, and consider applying to next year's Parity Project Innovation Challenge! 

As for this year, there may still be a shout out to a few honorable mentions later on, so follow this page until the winners announcement date in May. Congratulations once again to our finalists!