Happy New Year innovators!


There are only three weeks left to complete your submission for the Opioid Data Challenge. To help you answer any last minute questions, please review the following valuable resources located right here on Herox:

  • The Community Update titled "Important Points from Webinar #1" - this short post outlines the fundamental elements, and documents, needed for your submission. Make sure to review this  if you still have basic questions about what we are looking for in a submission.
  • The recordings for both informational webinars (available for download in the Resources tab) - Webinar #1 provides a broad overview of the Challenge as well as basic submission elements while Webinar #2 takes a deeper dive into the submission questions, as well as both the Overdose Results Table and Data Sources Document.
  • The Judging Criteria (hosted in the Guidelines tab) - this table provides insight into the value of different solution elements (e.g. accessibility of data sources, privacy, etc.).
  • The Forum - a great tool to see what fellow innovators have been asking and provides you the opportunity to pose a question yourself.

Hopefully the resources listed above are able to answer most, if not all, of the questions you have related to your submission. If you still have answered questions, please post your inquiry to the Forum or send an e-mail to


Good luck!

Maggie Clark

Challenge Coordinator