Remember to register so you join the NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health when they formally recognize the winning institutions from this prize. 

The event will center around four panels with the following themes:

1) Vision for Institutional Change
Panelists will explore how their institution’s vision for change is informed by a focus on advancing faculty gender diversity, equity, and inclusion. Panelists will discuss how their vision inspires and guides institutional change.

2) Training for inclusive, equity-minded environments
Panelists will share how their institutions use different approaches to evidence-based training that aims to create more inclusive, equity-minded environments.

3) Removing barriers to career advancement
Panelists will discuss institution or programmatic-level changes that reduce or remove barriers to the career advancement of women. Examples include changes to the policies and procedures for recruiting, hiring, promotion, and tenure.

4) Effective tools for assessing and monitoring outcomes
Panelists will share how their institution uses tools—such as dashboards, surveys, program evaluations—to inform their approaches and to assess and effectively monitor outcomes.

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