Additional FAQs_update Nov 2, 2020

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Most questions are answered during our webinar recordings. Questions answered via email will be shared here.
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Can you please provide more information on environmental testing:
We don't know which lander we are going to be on so we don't know which launch vehicle. Some of the environmental testing will change based on this (such as the vibration spectrum). We'll provide a high-level overview at the November 12th webinar

Where can I find space-grade/space-certified materials? has a website on material outgassing in terms of what kinds of epoxies and polymers are space qualified. Automotive-grade and military-grade have higher reliability than commercial components and teams should consider using these versions when appropriate. There are space-grade components available from vendors but they are quite expensive and automotive- or military-grade may be sufficient for you.

Are there any requirements/recommendations regarding software/firmware/FPGA design testing for the payload/sensor?
We recommend ensuring that you have strict version control and have incorporated verification and validation methods. You should be able to validate that your code operates the way you think it does.

Do you have suggestions on sourcing materials, such as a battery?
You will likely need to reach out directly to vendors for quotes on some components. You may not find them all off-the-shelf and consequently, they may not be listed on a vendor's website.