Blue Ridge Nebula Starlines Team

World's first and only certified air/space/starline since 1975

Greetings and God blessings from the top of the top. They say that one of the best connotative definitions of a true master worker is one that can do it all, and or, is extremely multi- talented. Though a few lesser men call people like us over- achievers these day. ,however thanks to God. my success in student/ workplace education development training, business organization, aviation, airline, aeronautical engineering industry leader management, and aerospace R&D .Both my academic theory and field work ranges from being the youngest FAA certified A&P technician to the first FAA AST registered air,space,starline owner operator. I'm also rang from being youngest FAA pilot /tech to the first astro/saucernaut, spacecraft mechanic to possessing three masters degree personality, youngest FAA RTO to the top aerospace s avionics technician, youngest gn/ flt instructor to the youngest FAA designate examiner, from youngest spacecraft designer/ builder to the top rated astrophysicist- aerospace scientist, from a triple Ph,D,to an international rated literary author, from a master educator to a loving mentor.

Thanks to God's grace I'm brought us all such revolutionary air transportation conveyance based attributes, as E -cold liquid plasma drive flying saucers,60's, five business know-how books commercial space transplantation books, 70-'s, first online passenger, cargo E-tick booking reservation systems, 80's, Colorado's FTG and DIA airport joint openings,1990's, Metro State University's flt simulator rooms' ATC communication network as well as the foundation for their newest commercial space transportation teaching platforms concept,2004), the first FAA-AST (TWA ) certification protocols in the mid 2000's, clean (all green power-plant emissions technology), safe ( flight crew and passenger housing ejection pods) spaceship operations aloft, in the 2010's

As always God Bless you and yours.