WOW! šŸ¤© 

The MarsXR 2 Winners Webinar was an absolute blast. Hearing from three of our community's top competitors  made the true impact of this challenge and the community's efforts come to life! 

For those who were unable to join us live, you can now re-watch the webinar at this link.

We have a few followup resources that we hope to share through this page, but (as was mentioned in the webinar) the future of all MarsXR and XOSS activity will be communicated and coordinated through the Official MarsXR Discord! You can join that community by following this link!

Once again, congratulations to the teams who joined us on the webinar, to the other MarsXR challenge winners who contributed their time to this mission (especially those who cheered us on from the webinar's audience), and to all of the other people who supported this challenge directly and indirectly.

With each step we are coming closer to using XOSS for potential mission training!