The deadline for Phase 2 submissions is fast approaching!

In light of this, we wanted to share a brief video to remind you of the requirements for your Phase 2 submission, including file formatting, naming conventions, and where to upload your compressed (zipped) files.

Please watch this recording here to access this information

Additionally, please remember the following points as you approach the submission process:

  1. START YOUR SUBMISSION PROCESS EARLY. This point can't be emphasized enough as you should allow enough time for testing that your submission works, for troubleshooting any problems, and to ensure that your large files have enough time to finish uploading to this webpage.
  2. Remember to record your video walkthrough and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo well in advance. You will need to include a link to your uploaded walkthrough video as part of your submission. The upload process to these sites can take some time, so please start this early as well.
  3. Don't forget that you can ask questions in the challenge forum and in the official Discord channel. We recommend using the Discord channel as you are likely to get a faster response there!
  4. And finally, please ensure that you have downloaded the latest dotnet SDK for your build bot to work correctly:

Best of luck as you polish and shine the final touches of your creations! We can't wait to see what you have to submit!