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Xplorers, Rover Wheel Replacement
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Astronauts will train on performing EVA, extracting and changing the rover wheel. Objective is to deal with emergencies on Martian surface.
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Storyboard Description
This test scenario would allow astronauts to train on performing a EVA and extracting and changing the rover wheel on the rover, this would allow astronauts to better deal with eventualities that might happen on the Martian surface.
The main objective is to successfully change the wheels on the human-rated rover, as there has been a malfunction and damage to the wheels that require immediate attention in order for the crew to return to base. Changing the wheels will involve the use of many small tools, which the astronaut will need to keep track of to avoid losing them. Some tools required for the task include 3D printed nuts and bolts, while others will be used to lift the rover. Additionally, the scenario may also involve rearranging fallen objects inside the rover, and possibly even dealing with damaged helmets resulting from the wheel damage and the rover's slanting or crashing.

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