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Incapacitated crew member rescue.
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Storyboard Description
Crew rescue story board scenario is designed to train crew members to save life of an Incapacitated member by eventually bringing them into safe haven. While it is typically required 2 persons for an EVA, this scenario consist mostly of only one crew member actions. The second crew member can be conscious or unconscious. Being conscious he/she can provide a response to the other crew member who is trying to stabilize him/her by telling what helps and what not (this can be implemented by adding some info on incapacitated crew member screen which they can read and say out loud during playing this scenario). Being unconscious, it's only on the rescue crew member to read EVA suit data like heart rate, oxygen level, etc, and take actions. Ideally, this scenario can have a random degree of incapacitation, which allows both crew members can play this scenario differently each time.

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