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Martian Rover Adjustment and Emergency Protocols
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The main aim of this project is to cover various aspects of emergencies that can be aboard the human rated rover and train for eventualities
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Storyboard Description
The storyboard is broken down into 4 major scenarios related to the roving of the Martian surface. The main objective of these scenarios is to provide a logical yet alternative path to a specific objective, this is done to find other ways to mitigate and avoid emergencies as well. These scenarios are mainly focused on the rovers as these are the key mobility and long distance vehicles in the XOSS editor and hence need to be explored in more detail as well.
1) The first eventuality is broken down into a emergency battery damage where the astronauts have to deal with fixing the battery in order for the rover to stop working as all the power is stored there.
2) The second eventuality is broken down into a emergency breakdown of the rover wheel where the astronauts cant move and need to get the rover out of the steep terrain to change the wheel before they can go back to base.
3) The third eventuality is broken down into a scenario where the astronauts have to go and collect the samples that are left from previous missions so that they either be sent back to Earth or so that further analysis can be done.
4) The fourth eventuality is where the solar panels need to be adjusted as there is little to no power and this is a issue because the astronauts are not able to use communications and are not able to use the rover which can be dangerous.

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