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Golden Minutes - CPR Training
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Crew members may be distressed for various vulnerabilities of physiology in Space.Train to perform ECC on spacesuit in MARS environment.
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Human physiology is vulnerable to stress in space,though astronauts are healthy, emergencies are to be expected and prepared for.To prepare for risk of medical emergencies CPR training is our chosen scenario. ECC in space is not much researched with space suit ON and gravity effects are also to be considered for person performing CPR.Various positions to hold patient in MARS gravity and space suit conditions are tried out in our Scenario.The chest compressions are different with space suits worn by both.We aim to train crew in all possible positions and CC in Martian terrain with space suits.As space suits are evolving we are considering space suit by Axiom space which are designed for Lunar exploration, we may create an extra asset of other emu suit with given specs as manikin for training. Another asset of chest patch attached to previous asset or placed separately to sense & measure compression pressure, position & rates .The chest pad asset is modeled in consideration of spacesuit thickness & human chest anatomy to get accurate compression depths.Just as we train for earth with monitor alerting compression parameters of pressure,depth,rates a monitor is displayed on screen with these parameters & instructions for training.Performance metrics like timelines are as per NASAtaskloadindex.We considered entire realtime scenario of crew to approach[running also causes physical excretion.] the distressed member to mobilizing after CPR to habitant for further medical treatment.

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